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A-Z Dramatis Personae

Böhm, Gustav
The tavern keeper of the Kaisersnitzel in Nuln.

A man mentioned by the barfly Harry as looking for a 'bauble' which he claims is his property and who, according to Gustav Böhm, is tenured at the University of Nuln in some capacity but has wide ranging interests. Apparently employs three notoriously vicious Dwarf henchmen. Böhm also said that Diedtz 'dresses em funny'.

Dürer, Wilhelm
A notable illustrator, engraver and polymath. Native of Nuln. b. 2303 IC d. 2343 IC. Trained as an artist under his father Ludwig. In 2323 (and perhaps earlier) he was in Couronne with other artistic refugees and later settled in Marienburg 2326-2331, before returning to his native Nuln and settling in the exclusive Aldig with studios on the Aubenstrasse. He was commissioned in 2337 to paint a Feast of the Gods for Emperor Magnus the Pious (now lost). Latterly famous for his altarpieces and decorative schemes for palaces, including the Temple of Sigmar in Nuln and Schloss Bückeborg (Wissenland). Died aged just 40 in Nuln, apparently in some poverty, and according to some sources an alcoholic pederast.

van Eyke, Grolsch
An ex-pat Marienburger, patron of the Kaisersnitzel tavern in Nuln. Deceased. Murdered by Franz von Tottenakker with a shovel in an alley called Gropecunt, somewhere in the Old City (Faulestadt) of Nuln. Interred in a mass grave in the rose garden at Gropecunt.

Gropecunt aka The Refuge
Described by Gustav Böhm as being a boarding house, of sorts, in the Faulestadt that used to be a brothel before the firestorms that proceeded the sack of Nuln by Grom the Paunch in 2473 IC. Latterly found to be a halfway house for the afflicted of Nuln. Described by Leyman Mattias as being 'a reciprocal arrangement whereby those who are free of the influence of evil are offered safe passage out of Nuln to the Border Princes' from where they 'have at least a chance'. Home to 'Mad' Ingrid and the Gropecunt Militia led by Magnus Kaufmann. Described by Magnus Kaufmann as being a 'wretched pit of corruption'.

Hallur (sic) aka Oldenhaller
Nulner old money. Very numerous family with extensive interests in the city banking and mercantile trades. They have an entire block named after them in the Aldig, where most of the clan resides. The current head of the family is Herr Albrecht Oldenhaller who sits on the city's ruling Mercantile Council. Apparently one of them has recently lost a gemstone of great personal value and is very keen to be re-united with it. cf: Diedtz.

A drunk, patron of the Kaisersnitzel in Nuln.

Ingrid, 'Mad'
A secretive and aged former Madam who ran Gropecunt, a halfway house for the 'afflicted' in the Faulestadt district of Nuln. First encountered dying of the wasting sickness and struggling with senility. Described by Layman Mattias as 'just another vulnerable, destitute and senile old woman' although also as 'something of an enigma'. Described by Magnus Kaufmann as being 'a parasite who preys on the weak and desperate'. Deceased.

Koblentz, Master
Master of the 60ft cargo jig Antrag.

Lotte aka The Hag
A witch and leader of a band of mutants. First encountered assaulting Gropecunt, a halfway house for the 'afflicted' in the Faulestadt district of Nuln. Driven off by the Gropecunt militia led by Magnus Kaufmann. Described by Layman Mattias as someone who collects the weak and the insane under her sway and covets power and 'malign favours'. Mattias also stated that she is one of several gangs that he knows of operating in Nuln and that they collectively seek the 'patronage of demons' and 'abase themselves before wicked idols'.

A young monk, ostensibly affiliated with the Cult of Shallya, belonging to an organization of mutant sympathizers calling themselves Laymen. Minister to the 'afflicted' at Gropecunt. Wears a two headed dove glyph. Revealed himself to Elizabetta Falkenheim as being a practitioner of Magick. Keeps rats as pets which he describes as 'a hobby and nothing more'. De facto leader of the Gropecunt Militia due to 'Mad' Ingrid's declining health.

A young blonde haired child aged around six. First encountered by Katalin Grotekson among the afflicted at Gropecunt aka. The Refuge with her father an unnamed diseased man in his mid twenties. Has an ugly brown growth in her neck. Again encountered by Elizabetta Falkenheim in 'Mad' Ingrid's private chambers on the third floor of The Refuge. Has visions and is described by Magnus Kaufmann as being 'touched' but harmless.

Posner, Otto
A giant mutant, associate of Lotte aka The Hag. Known by other afflicted as The Butcher. Horribly disfigured by a mass of tumors on his face. Led an assault on Gropecunt which was repulsed by the Gropecunt Militia led by Magnus Kaufmann. Was shot with a crossbow from the roof of a derelict building opposite Gropecunt by an unknown member of the Gropecunt Militia; a shot subsequently described by Katalin Grotekson as one of the best he'd ever seen in low light conditions. Presumed deceased.

von Tottenakker, Franz
Missing Grave Warden. Murdered Grolsch Van Eyke in an alley called Gropecunt, somewhere in the Old City (Faulestadt) of Nuln. Last seen grappling with a mutant after enduring a magickal assault. Possibly insane. Presumed deceased.

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