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NB: Very little of the history of the Old World can be substantiated from primary sources or cross referenced and should, largely, be considered myth and legend or allegorical at best. Few written records are extant and much of what remains are merely transcripts of a much older oral tradition.

-15,000 IC
The Old Ones arrive in what is now the tropical continent of Lustria on the Warhammer World through their newly-constructed polar Warp Gates. These arcane gates spawn pathways through the immaterial realm called the Aethyr, connecting multiple points instantaneously across the physical universe.

The first spawning of Slann Mage-Priests is created through the arcane biological engineering of the Old Ones.

-5,600 to -4,500 IC
The Old Ones' polar Warp Gates collapse and explode for some unknown reason. Chaos first enters the world as the raw Winds of Magic sweep across the planet from the ruined gates, which now serve as direct portals into the other-dimensional Aethyr, the Realm of Chaos.

-4500 IC
The Elf Aenarion the Defender passes through the Sacred Flame to become the first Phoenix King of Ulthuan.

-4470 IC
Aenarion draws the Sword of Khaine and the Elven race is cursed.

-4461 IC
Aenarion finds and marries Morathi.

-4458 IC
The Birth of Malekith.

-4421 IC
The Phoenix King Aenarion is wounded in the Battle for the Isle of the Dead with the forces of Chaos and flees to the Blighted Isle where he places the Sword of Khaine back on the altar of the Shrine of Asuryan. He is never seen again.

-4421 IC
The Elves create the Vortex, draining vast amounts of magical energy from the world while being aided covertly by the Slann, who use their own magic to modify the Vortex so that it affects the Chaos energy being emitted by the southern as well as the northern polar Warp Gates.

The first Dwarfs are sighted in Zorn Uzkul the Great Skull Land, in the Plain of Zharr.

Malekith called Malekith the Great at this time, and Snorri Whitebeard (High King of the Dwarfs) combine their armies to drive Chaos from the Old World.

The first High Elf explorers venture into the jungles of Lustria.

Contact is lost with the Dwarf settlements in the Dark Lands and Zorn Uzkul, they are believed to have been destroyed by the tides of Chaos.

Chupayotl slips into the sea. Rumors persist to this day of an under water race taking up residence within.

Abandoned by their gods, Dwarfs of the Dark Lands turn to worship Hashut, the Father of Darkness.

Phoenix King Bel-Shanaar visits Karaz-a-Karak and strikes a peace accord with Snorri Whitebeard. The two races prosper until civil strife on Ulthuan recalls the Elven ambassadors.

Bel Shanaar is assassinated. Malekith passes through the Sacred Flame in an attempt to become the new Phoenix King, but he is horribly burned and subsequently flees to Nagarythe. Chracian hunters save the life of the future Phoenix King Caledor I, and become known as White Lions. Civil war erupts in Ulthuan.

The Sundering. As the intensity of the Ulthuan civil war increases, cataclysmic energies are unleashed, sinking Tiranoc and smashing Nagarythe to pieces. The Dark Elves, led by Malekith, raise the Black Arks and depart to the cold north to found the kingdom of Naggaroth on the northern continent of the New World, leaving the High Elves to rebuild their shattered land.

Chaos Dwarf sorcerers raise Mingol Zharr-Naggrund, the Great City of Fire and Desolation.

Enslavement of orc and Goblin tribes throughout the Dark Lands and the Mountains of Mourn.

Settra conquers all the lands of Nehekhara, appointing Princes to protect his rule. Thus begins the First Dynasty of Nehekhara.

Settra founds the city of Khemri as his seat of power.

The Nehekaran Priesthood of Awakening is founded.

The Pyramid of Eternity is built.

During the reign of Utep of Khemri, the Priests of Awakening take the first steps towards immortality.

The High Elves finally return to the Old World. Dwarf and Elf begin to trade once more.

Malekith sends Dark Elf warriors to harass Dwarf caravans, stealing gold and killing indiscriminately. Tensions rise between the Dwarfs and the High Elves.

Ancient texts from Zlatlan speak of strife between the Lizardmen and the lost Dwarf stronghold of Karak Zorn.

Kavzar is founded by humans. Eventually, it will become the seat of Skaven power, Skavenblight.

Birth of the future First Necromancer Nagash.

High King Gotrek Starbreaker of the Dwarfs send his ambassadors to Ulthuan in attempt to secure peace between the Elves and Dwarfs. When the Dwarf ambassadors ask for fair recompense for the damage the Elves supposedly caused, they are expelled in outrage by the Elves and their beards are shorn. This is the ultimate indiginity that can be suffered by a Dwarf and when the ambassadors return beardless to High King Gotrek, he swears to the Ancestral Gods of the Dwarfs that he will have venegeance against the Elves for this insult. The War of the Beard formally begins.

Snorri Halfhand, son of the High King of dwarfs, is slain by King Caledor II after challenging the elf to single combat.

Morgrim, cousin of Snorri Halfhand, kills the Elf Lord Imladrik at the battle of Oeragor.

Nagash studies Dark Magic from a group of Dark Elves stranded in Zandri after a heavy storm. Having learned all he could, Nagash defeats the elves' leaders in a sorcerous duel.

Nagash murders his brother, the Priest King of Khemri, and seizes power with an army of undead warriors. Arkhan the Black, Nagash's right hand, leads the coup.

Dwarfs settle in Kavzar, creating an under-city, and helping the humans build their over-city.

Nagash creates an elixir from human blood to prolong his fading youth.

Start of the construction of the Black Pyramid of Nagash at the heart of Khemri's necropolis.

The Elf city of Athel Maraya is burned to the ground by a Dwarf army led by Morgrim Elfhater.

Construction begins on the great Temple of Kavzar in Tilea.

The Temple of Kavzar is completed except for a single stone. Warpstone rains down on the city, and it is overrun by giant mutated rats.

Prince Lahmizzar of Lhamia gathers the Priest Kings of Nehekhara and unites their forces against Nagash. Nagash flees inside his Black Pyramid and summons a vast legion of skeletons.

The people of Khemri were so horrified by the undead of Nagash that they unite with the Kings and march against Nagash.

After nearly a century of warfare, Nagash's power is finally broken. Lahmizzar's son avenges the death of his father by the hand of Nagash and strikes down the Great Necromancer. The Undead horde collapses.

Arkhan the Black leads the suicidal counter-attack, granting Nagash the opportunity to escape. Arkhan is slain.
Nagash flees north.

Raiding the Black Pyramid, Neferata, Lahmizzar's daughter and Queen of Lahmia, gets hold of one of the Nine Books of Nagash, containing all of his necromantic lore.

Beginning as a quest to undo the evil Nagash had unleashed, Neferata is slowly corrupted by Nagash's work.

In an attempt to copy his elixir of longevity, Neferata, though able to prolong her youth, needs fresh human blood to do so. She became the first Vampire.

After many years of secrecy, Nefetara gave her elixir to others, who had started to grow suspicious of her lasting youth. Among them, Ushoran, her brother, and Wsoran, the High priest.

They discover the blood kiss or how they can pass the gift of eternity with their own blood - the creation of lesser vampires.

One night, Abhorash, one of the King's former guards, discovers Neferata drinking from a victim. The following day, Abhorash is tricked into drinking her blood. Though unable to resist the thirst for blood, he lives by his own code and rejects evil for evil's sake.

Phoenix King Caledor II is killed by High King Gotrek Starbreaker at the 14th siege of Tor Alessi (The Battle of the Three Towers) to bring the War of the Beard to an end.

The Phoenix Crown is taken to Karaz-a-Karak as recompense.

The first true Skaven emerge from the newly named Skavenblight. Skaven begin experimenting with magic, and begin to scour the land for more Warpstone.

Nagash's wanderings take him to the Crippled Peak by the Sour Sea which contains a massive chunk of Warpstone.

High Elf forces are re-called from the Old World to combat a new attempt by Dark Elves to gain a foothold on Ulthuan.

Athel Loren is founded by High Elves who choose to remain in the Old World, who become the Asrai, or Wood Elves.

The Slann make a minor shift in the world's plates assumed to be in accordance with the Old One's wishes. The World's Edge Mountains are torn apart by the resulting earthquakes.

The changes in the World's Edge Mountains are known as the Time of Woes for the Dwarfs. Many records created in strongholds are lost and interrupted. The Great Book of Grudges in Karaz-a-Karak falls silent.

The Skaven enact a plan to use magic to expand the size of Skavenblight. A great machine is built to do this, but backfires and kills most of the city. The Council of Thirteen and Order of the Gray Seers rise to prominence to lead their race.

Karak Ankor is shattered as many Dwarf settlements and strongholds are destroyed. The great Underway is blocked or destroyed in places, cutting off several Dwarf strongholds from each other.

The first fortress to fall to the oncoming hordes of Orcs, Goblins, Skaven, Trolls and Ogres is Karak Ungor. It is taken by Night Goblins and is from then onwards known as Red Eye Mountain. The period following this is known as the Goblin Wars.

Nagash discovers warpstone to be a powerful aid to his sorcery. Undead slaves begin to create Nagashizzar, the Cursed Pit.

Primitive human tribesmen around the Sour Sea start to worship Nagash, leading to their devolution into corpse-eating Ghouls.

Karak Varn is flooded and falls to the Skaven and Night Goblins.

The mines of Ekrund are seized by the Orcs after heavy fighting with the Dragonback Dwarfs.

The watch towers of Mad Dog Pass are gradually abandoned and seized by the Goblins.

The Night Goblins seize the gold mines of Mount Gunbad, the largest mine in the World's Edge Mountains, as well as a major source for Brightstone.

Wandering clans of Skaven build the first settlements in The Southlands, Araby, and The Dark Lands. Lord Markrit founds The Hell Pit and Lord Viskrin leads Clan Eshin into Cathay.

The Skaven Clan Pestilens occupies the ruined Lizardmen city of Quetza. Plague spreads throughout Lustria.

The Silver Road Wars begin between the Dwarfs and Goblins.

The Dwarfs withdraw from their eastern empire in the World's Edge Mountains, including their mines and smaller settlements.

-1300 - 1250
The Skaven fight with Nagash over warspstone in The War of Cripple Peak.

Thunder Mountain erupts, forcing Orcs, Goblins and Trolls towards the north. The Troll Wars begin for the Dwarfs.

The Dwarf strongholds of Valhorn and Budrikhorn fall to rampaging Trolls.

Nagash and The Skaven declare a truce in the War of Cripple Peak. The Skaven receive Warpstone in return for Orc and Goblin slaves.

Dwarf King Morgrim Blackbeard leads his forces to the south and pushes the Orcs out of the World's Edge Mountains to the north of Mad Dog Pass.

Logazor Brightaxe leads an army east and retakes Mount Gunbad, but has to abandon the mines.

Mount Silverspire is unsuccessfully attacked when Trolls and Ogres move against Karaz-a-Karak.

For the next 250 years, the Dwarfs set out to consolidate their holdings in the mountain chain, reopening mines previously lost. The Underway is partly cleared.

A great earthquake exposes a rich seam of gromril within the Misty Mountains. Nagash forges his fabled armor from this gromril and lead.

The end of the living line of Nehekharan kings and the 6th dynasty.

The rebel Kings who studied Nagash's works send emissaries to Nagash. Rumor of this reaches those who have not fallen to the dark powers.

King Alcadizaar unites the Priest Kings and rouse the people of Lahmia against their dark rulers, bringing a great army to assault the vampires' temple in Lahmia.

Abhorash leads the defense of the temple and Wsoran raises an army of undead.

After a week of battle, King Alcadizaar's army conquers and burns the vampire temple. Only the strongest and oldest Vampires escape.

Abhorash goes northwards with four companions, Neferata, Ushoran and Wsoran go to Nagashizzar and unite with Nagash.

Runesmith Kadrin Redmane clears the ruins of Karak Varn of the Skaven and resettles the Stronghold due to the discovery of a rich vein of gromril.

-1163 -1152
Led by the renegade vampires and Arkhan the Black, Nagash launches a new war against Nehekhara.

Alcadizaar is victorious over Nagash and releases the Tomb Kings from his servitude, founding the 7th dynasty.

The vampires argue over the course to take next and fight each other. The fight ends when the sun rises with none of the vampires able to claim victory.

Neferata goes north, eventually settling in the Silver Pinnacle and creates the Lahmia bloodline.

Wsoran stays with Nagash.

Ushoran goes north.

Plagues sweep through the Nehekharan lands killing almost all remaining living beings.

Nagash and Wsoran launch a second attack and are victorious over King Alcadizaar.

King Alcadizaar is brought in chains to Nagashizzar.

Wsoran is rewarded and learns more of the Dark art from Nagash.

Nagash sacks Lhamia.

The Great Ritual of the Waking turning Nehekhara in to the "Land of the Dead".

Nagash consumes warpstone and starts his Great Ritual, but is thwarted by the Skaven. However, many of the undead raised by the Great Ritual remain animated.

Settra awakens and becomes Settra the Imperishable.

Arkhan the Black is reborn.

The Priests of Nehekhara are unaffected and become Liche Priests.

The Council of Thirteen has Nagash assassinated. The Skaven free Alcadizaar, who cuts down Nagash and flees with the Crown of Sorcery. Nagash's body is burned, except for his hand.

Wsoran escapes and flees north, taking one of the Nine Books of Nagash with him. He hides for centuries, studying the secrets of necromancy.

Wsoran turns Nagash's most intelligent priests who had escaped into vampires, originating the Necrarch bloodline. One of them, Melkhior, eventually assassinates Wsoran.

Settra wages and wins a civil war with the other awakened Tomb Kings for the throne of Nehekhara, and declares it his 'Reign of Millions of Years'.

Beginning of the millennia long Wars of the Dead.

Arkhan the Black sacks the city Bel-Aliad.

Arkhan the Black wages an unending, unceasing war for 900 years, reducing the once mighty civilization in Araby to a few weak city states and a handful of desert tribes.

Kadon takes the Crown of Sorcery from Alcadizaar's dead body.

The dwarf Kadrin Redmane is ambushed while leading a mule train of gromril ore to the High King and is killed, personally slaying thirty-six Orcs in the process. He throws his rune hammer into Black Water.

Karak Varn falls to the Skaven.

Kadon founds Mourkain and the Kingdom of Strigos and is later joined by Ushoran.

The chiefs of the Bretonni people, proud and warlike horsemen, travel over the Grey mountains. Centuries of war against the greenskins follow as they settle in what will later become Bretonnia.

The Battle of a Thousand Woes: King Skorri Morgrimson leads a huge Dwarf army north to attempt to recapture Karak Ungor. They are partially successful but ambushed as they attempt to enter the Keep itself.

Furgil, Skorri's son, and his companions infiltrate the lower halls, but never return.

Skorri leads his forces back to Karaz-a-Karak and dies of a broken heart shortly after. Little information about the greenskins is recorded for the next few hundred years.

Mourkain is overrun by the Orc warlord Dork Redeye. The Vampire descendants of Ushoran (the Strigoi) scatter.

The Red Cloud Goblin tribe attacks Karak Azgul and is repelled. They then move on to Karak Azul, partially capturing the hold for 10 years. Eventually they are expelled from the fortress.

Karak Azul is finally purged of Goblins.

First reported sighting of the dragon Skaladrak Incarnadine, later to spawn many powerful dragonkin including Graug the Terrible.

Miners working the depths of Karak Eight Peaks are horrified to discover Skaven tunnels.

The first Slayer King, Baragor, dedicates the Great Shrine of Grimnir in Karak Kadrin. He then takes the name of Ungrim, which all of his descendants bear to this day.

Attempts by humans to penetrate the Forest of Loren leave only a handful of survivors and the forest enters Bretonnian folklore as being a haunted unnatural place.

Vorag Bloodytooth unites the scattered tribes of Ghouls around Cripple Peak and becomes the first and only Ghoul King. He wages war against the greenskins and founds the Fortress of Vorag to the east of the plain of Bones, but is eventually killed by a well-aimed bolt from a Goblin bolt thrower. The Ghouls scatter.

Over the course of 100 years, Karak Eight Peaks eventually falls as each of the eight mountains are gradually overrun by Goblins and Skaven. Eventually the Skaven poison the wells and use toxic gasses to oust the Dwarfs. King Lunn the Mad orders the tombs of the Kings of Old rune-sealed, vowing to return in the future.

Karak Azgal is attacked and destroyed by Orcs and Goblins who then move on to take Karak Drazh, renaming it Black Crag. The lands between the Mad Dog Pass and Fire Mountain are taken by the Goblins, save for the stronghold of Karak Azul, which is besieged but holds.

The Dwarfs first discover gun powder on the body of a Skaven, realizing the Skaven are beginning to use their own weapons against them.

Establishment of the Under Empire. The Skaven spread tunnel networks out across the Old World.

Orc Warlord Ugrok Beardburner leads a Waaagh! northwards to Karaz-a-Karak. Many small settlements are destroyed, mines overwhelmed, and hundreds of Dwarfs and many thousands of human tribesmen are slaughtered.

The Dwarf High King Logan Proudbeard is captured and humiliated by the Orcs spurring the Dwarfs under Gorazin Silverhorn into a furious assault, driving the Orcs away from the capital. Orc armies continue to rampage until they are defeated at the Battle of Black Water.

Dwarfs seek to intensify trade in raw materials with the numerous human civilizations which are slowly forming in what will become the Empire.

Black Orcs are created by the experiments on captive Orc and Goblin slaves by Chaos Dwarf Sorcerers.

Black Orcs revolt against their creators and escape to the World Edge Mountains.

Over the centuries, the dust of Nagash's burned body reassembles itself in the Black Pyramid. Only the right hand, cut off by Alcadizaar, does not regrow.

Diminished in power, Nagash is driven out of Khemri by Settra.

Nagash returns to Cripple Peak and Nagashizzar. He exterminates the Skaven Clan Rikek in a single night.

Arkhan the Black abandons Araby to join Nagash at Nagashizzar.

In his arrogance, Settra turns against the other Tomb Kings but is defeated and retreats to Khemri.

The Tomb Kings Zandri and Numas revolt against Settra, but are crushed.

Sigmar is born to King Bjorn of the Unberogen tribe of men.

Nagash forges his iron hand.

A trading convoy led by King Kurgan Ironbeard is captured by the Skaven, who then sell him to Orcs for warpstone. However, the king is rescued by Sigmar. Ironbeard rewards Sigmar by giving him the Rune Hammer Ghal Maraz, paving the way for a great alliance.

Arkhan the Black crushes a huge Skaven horde at the Battle of Death Rock. The Skaven finally give up attempting to recapture the Cursed Pit.

The Battle of Black Fire Pass. A massive Orc army is destroyed by a combined army of Dwarfs and Human tribesmen under Sigmar.

The Orcs and Goblins are slowly driven from the areas west of the World's Edge Mountains.

Many younger Dwarfs now view humans as being key allies in their struggles and settle in human lands, helping them build stone walled cities and introducing them to new military technologies.

Orcs and Goblins are kept at bay by Dwarf and Human armies. Several attempts to retake dwarf strongholds are launched but ultimately fail.

Sigmar is crowned the first Emperor by the High Priest of Ulric, marking the foundation of the Empire and the birth of the Imperial Calendar.

The Prophecy of Sotek is brought to fruition with the appearance of the Twin Tailed Comet. The Red-Crested Skinks migrate and the Cult of Sotek rises among the Lizardmen, spreading throughout Lustria.

Sigmar pushes the Norsii people from their lands on the sea of claws into what is now Kislev. The Ungols, a major tribe of the region, pushes them even further into what is now known as Norsca.

1 IC
Nagash discovers his Crown of Sorcery is in the hands of Morath, heir to Kadon. He sets off to retrieve it.

15 IC
Sigmar wins the Crown of Sorcery from the Necromancer Morath. Upon hearing this, Nagash leads an army into the Empire to claim the crown.

Nagash takes residence in the abandoned High Elf city of Athel Tamara and begins to swell the ranks of his army with the ancient dead.

Nagash and Sigmar meet on the walls during the battle for Altdorf. During the ensuing struggle Sigmar strikes Nagash down with Ghal Maraz earning the cognomen Heldenhammer, and the invading army of Undead crumbles in to dust. As he falls, Nagash curses the vampires of the world for their refusal to answer his call for aid and dooms them to forever be driven back by the name of Sigmar.

16 IC
Krell, the only survivor of Nagash's army, is defeated at the battle of Glacier Lake and imprisoned in a magical tomb.

17 IC
Sigmar destroys the Skaven horde in the Middle Mountains of the Empire.

50 IC
After half a century of prosperity Sigmar abdicates his throne and disappears in the East.

73 IC
Johann Helstrom is the first Grand Theogonist of the growing cult to Sigmar, Patron God of the Empire.

100 IC
Clan Pestilens abandons Quetza for the Old World when Sotek sends thousands of snakes into their tunnels. The Slann recognise Sotek as the pre-eminent Lizard God.

Settra sends warships north of his lands to seek out slaves. They visit the shores of what would later become Bretonnia. Upon their return, the slaves are put to work as breeding stock for a new human population aimed at restoring Nehekhara's former glory.

Clan Eshin returns from Cathay and is immediately put to work by The Council of Thirteen in the civil war.

287 IC
Dwarfs discover the nest of the dragon Mordrak in the mountains south of Karak Azul.

577 IC
Greenskin raids increase in the lands east of the Grey mountains. Retaliatory raids against the Orcs slay thousands but many Bretonni tribes also fall with survivors absorbed by neighbouring tribes.

657 IC
Thori Gundrikson discovers gromril in the caves west of Black Water. The Skaven eventually overrun the mines, but not before the gromril is exhausted.

The discovery of the lost Heartstone of Aldin Getgold in the Dragonback mountains by Dorin Heldour and Katalin Kandoom.

684 IC
Dorin Heldour and Katalin Kandoom restore the Axe of Dail, which they discovered deep in the ruins of Karak Varn. The axe is brought back to King Finn Sourscowl in Karaz-a-Karak.

685 IC
Dorin Heldour brings the skin of the dragon Fyrskar to King Finn Sourscowl. Heganbor the Runesmith forges it into a cloak engraved with mighty runes.

700 IC
Warlocks of Clan Skyre perfect the Warpstone Thrower. Reports of the weapon are discredited as the ravings of mad dwarfs.

770 IC
The land of the Bretonni is divided into sixteen areas, each controlled by one of the major tribes. The system of fuedal patronage remains relatively stable, except for the tribes of Glanborielle and Cuileux which are subsequently destroyed.

888 IC
The Norse adventurer Losteriksson founds the settlement of Skeggi. Rumours of the Amazons begin to surface in the Old World.

892 IC
Kragg the Grimm forges the Rune of Stone. He is to become the greatest and most long-lived Runesmith of his age.

974 IC
Glanborielle is utterly destroyed by a Waaagh! and amalgamated into Carcasonne. The lands that would become Bretonnia are overrun by greenskins.

975 IC
The Orc army attacking Bastonne is repelled, though the Lord of Bastonne is slain. Gilles, the new lord, leads his horsemen against the foe and is joined by Thierulf, his friend from Lyoness, and Lord Landuin of Mousillon. They hope to meet the greenskins and die with honour in a final battle.

976 IC
Gilles is visited by a vision of the Lady of the Lake, who blesses him and his comrades Thierulf and Landuin.

979 IC
Gilles le Breton officially founds Bretonnia. This marks the beginning of the Bretonnian Calendar.

A great meeting takes place in the home of Folgar of Artois and the dukedoms are formalized. Each of the fourteen great lords and original Companions of Gilles are named dukes.

Fredemund, Duke of Aquitaine, weds Gilles' youngest sister, Annabel.

The new united Bretonnian armies force Orcs and Goblins from their holdings into the Grey Mountains.

995 IC
Gilles le Breton is killed by a hurled weapon by one of the Orc Warlords in the Grey Mountains.

996 IC
Louis the Rash, son of Gilles, inherits the throne of Bretonnia and immediately sets off to search for a sign of the Lady of the Lake.

1001 IC
Louis the Rash gains the Lady's blessing. He is crowned by the Fay Enchantress, and thus becomes King Louis I. He draws up the basis of the Decrees of Chivalry.

1106 - 1110 IC
Human settlements in the Drakwald Forest succumb to ever-increasing numbers of Beastmen.

1032 IC
Skalf Dragonslayer slays the dragon Graug the Terrible and claims the kingship of Karak Azgal. Karak Azgal remains in goblin and Skaven hands. Skalf establishes a town in the valley below the old entrance.

1111 IC
The Black Death sweeps throughout the Old World. Over half of the Empire's population succumbs to the sickness. The plague is created by the Skaven to weaken the Empire prior to a massive planned invasion.

The Black Death marks the beginning of the Skaven Wars.

The Dwarfs shut off the outside world to protect themselves but the Skaven burrow in, engaging the Dwarfs in drawn out conflicts.

1112 IC
The Skaven march into Sylvania. Count Frederick van Hal, desperate, accepts the help of a mysterious stranger and raises a huge army of the undead to break their advance. The two armies and the remnants of the Empire war for the next 12 years.

1115 IC
Emperor Boris Goldgatherer is assassinated. When no successor is named, the Skaven declare themselves rulers of the Empire.

1122 - 1124 IC
Count Mandred of Middenland rallies plague-ravaged citizens against hordes of oncoming Skaven, earning the title Mandred The Ratcatcher, or Mandred Skaven-Slayer. Mandred puts an end to the Skaven Wars.

Mandred I is crowned Emperor, holding court in Middenheim.

1142 IC
King Guillaume I forces the last of the Greenskins from Bretonnia at the Battle of Amandur.
Duke Thierulf of Lyonesse, last of the Companions, falls in the battle.

1152 IC
The assassination of Mandred I. The assassination is believed ordered by The Council of Thirteen, and carried out by Nartik of Clan Eshin.
The Elector Counts are unable to decide on a successor. Civil war erupts between the leading regions of the succession - Stirland and Talabecland.

1153 - 1200 IC
Unprotected, the villages in the Drakwald fall into decline. Bands of refugees from the civil wars arrive and claim them for their own. Thousands are subsequently exterminated by beasts and goblins.

1175 IC
Settra's fleet, led by Tomb King Amenemhetum, is defeated at Savage Point by the Bretonnian fleet under the commmand of Admiral Henri Lamorte. Settra escapes and vows revenge.

1207-1244 IC
Necromancer Dieter Helsnicht is driven out Middenheim. Escaping to the Forest of Shadows, he raises an army of undead and attacks the Empire. Dieter is narrowly defeated at the Battle of Beeckerhoven by a combined Kislevite and Empire force.

1247 IC
The Tilean explorer Marco Pilare reaches Cathay and writes of seeing Skaven under the city of Wei-Jin.

1265 IC
Count Faulk V of Middenland raises a mercenary army to reclaim fiefs within the Drakwald.

Beastlord Kartok Greathorn gathers thirty warbands of Beastmen and destroys Faulk's force in the fourth week of their campaign. No survivors return to Middenland. Rumours of a great field of whitening bones within the forest abound. The remains of men cut down as they had fled, or stood their ground, strewn everywhere or piled in heaps.

1360 IC
Ottilia of Talabecland holds court as self proclaimed Empress. During the next two centuries a precarious Dual Monarchy holds the peace in the Empire with jurisdiction divided between the elected Emperor and the Count Palatine of Talabecland.

1414 IC
Nordland and Middenland, after centuries of war, split the contested lands of Drakwald. Scores of Beastmen in the region keep either side from exerting control over the forest roads and settlements.

1448 IC
The Skaven convince Sultan Jaffar that the Estalian city states plan to attack Araby. The Araybians invade Estalia and capture Magritta, the survivors assembling in the Temple of the Rock and resisting fiercely all day until the whole temple flows with their blood.

1449 IC
The Crusades begin. Araby is pushed out of Estalia by Crusaders from all over the Old World.

The crusaders return with many great treasures plundered from the palaces of Araby, including exotic animals the like of which had never been seen in the Old World before.

Foundation of many Knightly Orders, including the Knights Panther.

1451 IC
The Sultan jaffar is eventually defeated at the Battle of Al-Haikk.

Crusaders continue to fight Arabyians and each other over possession of the lucrative Estalian and Arabyian trade routes for the next century.

1452 IC
Baron Tybalt du Bois de Balzac leads a host of knight Errants from Bretonnia along the overland route to Araby, but hearing of the Sultan's defeat at Barak Varr, he turns back and establishes an independent kingdom in the Border Princes.

1492 IC
Marco Colombo discovers Lustria and reports that there are Skaven on the continent engaged in warfare with the Lizardmen.

1524 IC
Khan-Queen Shoika founds the nation of Kislev. She declares herself Tzarina to indicate her rule over all lands north of the Urskoy.

1527 IC
Norvograd, the greatest settlement of the Ungol is captured by Kislev and is renamed Erengrad. This completes the modern lands of Kislev.

1547-2304 IC
Age of the Three Emperors. The Count of Stirland finds his successful election of 1359 challenged by Countess Ottilia of Talabecland, his fiercest rival, who accuses him of bribing several Elector counts and denounces the whole election as a sham. Gathering several important supporters, first among them the Ar-Ulric, she proclaims herself Empress Ottilia I in 1360.

For 200 years the Empire is effectively divided among two feuding rulers: The Elected Emperor, chosen by several Electors and the Ottilian Emperor, hereditary successor of Empress Ottilia I.

A state of war legally exists the entire time but is only sporadically pursued by either faction, usually stirred up following periods of religious fundamentalism and persecution by both sides.

In 1547 Count Siegfried 'The Young Wolf' of Middenland proclaims himself Emperor, starting the Age of the Three Emperors. The ensuing line of claimants became known as the Wolf Emperors.

1593 IC
"Smell the Gauntlet" a game popular with noble children in Brionne eventually instigates a duchy wide revolt among the lower classes. It is crushed mercilessly.

1681 IC
The Night of the Restless Dead. Nagash returns to life once again and effects immediate revenge for his defeat at the hands of Sigmar.
For one night throughout the Known World the dead stir and walk the land, leading to widespread anarchy and wholesale slaughter.

1705 - 1712 IC
Gorbad Ironclaw succeeds in uniting the Iron Claw and Broken Tooth Greenskin tribes, forming a massive Waaagh!

Gorbad leads his army into the Empire, ransacking Averland and the Moot.

Averheim and Nuln are burned by the rampaging greenskin forces.

The Battle of Solland's Crown. The Count of Solland is slain by the greenskins, and his priceless Runefang is lost.

The Battle of Grunberg. Gorbad is seriously wounded, but still forces a victory. The Empire army retreats to Altdorf.

The Waaagh! lays siege to Altdorf. The boy Emperor Sigismund X foolishly allows himself to be cornered and killed in the battle. Gorbad's wound is aggravated, causing the Orc to slowly grow weaker and weaker, until the Waaagh! buckles and breaks up - leaving the eastern half of the Empire in ashes. The economic impact of the 'Harrying' is still felt to this day.

1715 IC
Remnants of Gorbad's Waaagh! invade Bretonnia but are destroyed.

1786 IC
Clan Eshin releases rats carrying The Red Pox in the Bretonnian city of Bordelaux. A third of the city's population dies within days, and the Baron Du'Pont orders the Poor and Foreign quarters (and all their inhabitants) burned to the ground, effectively ending the plague.

1797 IC
Vlad von Carstein becomes the first of the Vampire Counts of Sylvania and marries Countess Isabella von Drak.

1812 IC
The Skaven release an improved Red Pox again, this time on both Bretonnia and northern Tilea.

Anarchy breaks out in Bretonnia as the dead pile up, unburied, and the city of Brionne is torched by crazed citizens.

The Skaven finally attack, and the cities of Brionne, Bordelaux and Maglianno are all destroyed.

The Skaven lay siege to Quenelles.

1813 IC
Bretonnia strikes a deal with the Wood Elves. The combined forces break the siege of Quenelles and drive the Skaven back under ground. Over a third of the population of Bretonnia succumb to the Red Pox and the war.

1814 IC
Duke Merovech of Mousillon holds a great victory banquet. His insanity becomes publicly known as he spills the blood of the king in his halls. Mousillon is disgraced and after a battle in which Merovech is killed, looses much of its land to Lyonesse.

1847 IC
Duke Tudual du L'Anguille funds an expedition, headed by his son, in to Lustria. Six months into the expedition, Huatl is robbed of its sacred artifacts. Soon after returning home the young Bretonnian noble and his expedition vanish and are never heard from again.

1979 IC
Magritta of Marienburg is elected Empress by the Elector Counts who plan to rule vicariously through her themselves. The Great Theogonist of Sigmar refuses to approve the naming and the Imperial Elective system effectively fails. From that moment until the crowning of Magnus the Pious, there is no sole Emperor and the Empire becomes more and more divided along religious, economic and political lines.

1999 IC
The city of Mordheim is hit by a meteorite of pure Warpstone, marking the greatest known contamination of the Old World by the mineral ever. The Skaven immediately take possession of the town, slaughter the survivors and begin mining the meteorite.

2007 IC
The Battle of Couronne. Repanse de Lyonesse, a 17 year old shepherdess, leads 'her' knights to victory against a horde of Chaos invaders.
She is later seized and examined and found guilty of being in league with the very same Ruinous Powers and put to the stake the same year.

2010 IC
Start of the Wars of the Vampire Counts. War, famine and plague ravaged infrastructure and declining populations in the east allow Vlad von Carstein to devastate Ostermark.

The west is slow to send aid. Two armies are eventually despatched containing many assimilated Imperial Dwarfs who fight alongside humans in key engagements; including the Night Siege of Castle Tempelhof, the defeat of the Vampire Countess Emmanuelle, and the Battle of Hunger Wood.

2025 IC
Vlad Von Carstein is slain by Grand Master Kruger of the Knights of the White Wolf. However, von Carstein is seen at the head of an army again within a year, while Kruger's body is found at the base of Ulricsburg, drained of blood.

2051 IC
Vlad von Carstein is again slain at the Siege of Altdorf. This time however, Isabella von Drak commits suicide. The remaining Vampire Counts immediately fight among themselves for the right to succeed Vlad.

2094 IC
Konrad von Carstein eventually emerges as the winner and immediately marches to war, wishing to emulate the 'blitzkrieg' victories of Vlad. Having no talent at sorcery, Konrad changed his tack on necromancers and cajoled, bribed and bullied a large number of necromancers into serving him. The undead horde they raise is so immense it is able to triumph against any force sent against it, despite Konrad's insanity and ineptitude as a general.

2100 IC
Konrad von Carstein triumphs at the Battle of the Four Armies. A vast Imperial army consisting of the combined forces from Altdorf, Talabheim and Marienburg is crushed despite outnumbering the invaders 2:1. The battle is remembered in folkore and song not as a calamity but as a metaphor for human stupidity and as a warning against the perils of ambition. As famously the Count of Altdorf and the Ottilia of Talabheim ordered each other's assassination in the heat of battle, while Helmut, Count of Marienburg, was left unsupported on the field and was slain by Konrad.

2111 IC
Citizens of Rotebach discover that the Count of Middenland has made a bargain with demons. He has the entire city hanged to protect himself.

2121 IC
Konrad is finally defeated at the Battle of Grim Moor by an alliance of Dwarfs and troops under Elector Count Helmar of Marienburg - the son of Helmut. In the heat of battle, Konrad's necromancers betray him and his undead horde collapses without them. Konrad is the battle's last casualty: the Dwarf Thane Grufbad holds Konrad down while Helmar of Marienburg beheads his father's killer with his Runefang and hacks the body to pieces, burning the remains.

2132 IC
Mannfred von Carstein emerges as the new vampire threat to the eastern Empire. With the death of his "brother" Konrad, Mannfred seizes power and returns to Drakenhof aboard a "Black Ship" (sailing brazenly up the River Reik) that swiftly becomes infamous in the Empire. His undead army almost succeed in capturing Altdorf, but are driven back to Sylvania by a combined force of Empire troops, Dwarfs and a small force of High Elves led by Teclis.

2145 IC
Battle of Hel Fenn. Manfred von Carstein, last and greatest of Vlad von Carstein's bloodline, is slain by Count Martin of Stirland at the Battle of Hel Fenn. For his bravery in the battle, Martin laid claim to Sylvania and the province was absorbed into Stirland. Since no one else actually wanted the cursed land, no one gainsaid him.

2201 IC
The King of Bretonnia, Charles Magnus I 'Orc Slayer', begins the Errantry Wars, setting out to rid Bretonnia of Greenskins for good. Over the next century, Bretonnia is thrice again declared cleared, as the Orcs return and take refuge in the Masif Orcal and surrounding forests.

2205 IC
The Battle of Black Falls. Dwarfs and Goblins meet at the shores of the Black Water. Both the Dwarf High King Alrik and the Goblin Warlord Gorkil Eyegouger are killed. The Goblin mortally wounded by the Dwarf, drags Alrik with him over the falls. The Goblin army is routed and follow their Warlord.

2231 IC
Workers building the Temple of Sigmar in Altdorf uncover ancient human tombs apparently dated to the time of Sigmar himself.

2297 IC
Duke Prospero of Mousillon and his sorceress consort are dishonoured. Mousillon is formally disgraced and no duke has since been appointed to govern this dukedom.

2300 IC
Mousillon is almost depopulated by the Red Pox. Duke Prospero and his lady seal themselves within the palace, but to no avail. To this day nobody has dared disturb their eternal banquet.

2302 IC
The Great War Against Chaos, also known as The Second Great Chaos Incursion.

The oncoming Chaos army forces large groups of Orcs southwards into the Empire and World's Edge Mountains. Some join the onslaught, while others harry the Army as they pass.

The Gray Seers succeed in summoning The Horned Rat during a feast in Skavenblight. The Clan Lords are so terrified by the manifestation that the Council of Thirteen is reorganized according to the Horned Rat's will, and all hostilities among Skaven are halted.

Karaz-a-Karak is attacked but holds out.

Praag is besieged and destroyed by the attacking Chaos host.

Ar-Ulric Kriestov leads an army to relieve Kislev. During his absence, Middenheim is ravaged by beastmen. The raids stop when Ar-Ulric returns.

Chaos lays siege to Kislev, but is eventually repelled by a combined force of Elves, Dwarfs, and Humans led by Magnus the Pious. This marks the end of the war.

2303 IC
The Skaven are exhausted by hundreds of years of war. They battle both the Empire and the forces of Chaos during the great war, but are mostly marginalized.

Wilhelm Dürer is born in Nuln.

2304 IC
Magnus the Pious is unanimously elected Sole Emperor. Reunifying Sigmar's ancient Empire. Magnus establishes his court in Nuln which rapidly grows to become the most populous and prosperous human city in the Old World.

2305 IC
Teclis founds the Colleges of Magic in Altdorf.

2320 - 2321 IC
The destruction of the Marienburg fleet results in Skaven raids all over the Old World coast. Dwarf Ironclads from Barak Varr seek out and destroy the Skaven in the Black Gulf.

~2323 IC
Wilhelm Dürer recorded as living with other Imperial artistic refugees in Couronne.

2326 - 2331 IC
Wilhelm Dürer settles in Marienburg, working as an artist and engraver.

2337 IC
Wilhelm Dürer returns to Nuln and opens studios on the Aubenstrasse. The same year he is commissioned to paint a Feast of the Gods for Emperor Magnus the Pious. Completes many altarpieces and decorative schemes for palaces, including the Temple of Sigmar in Nuln and Schloss Bückeborg (Wissenland).

2343 IC
Wilhelm Dürer dies of alcoholism in poverty aged 40 in Nuln.

2377 IC
The Monkey King ascends to the throne of Cathay. He installs Warlord Kishkik of Clan Eshin as an adviser and begins to trade with the Under Empire.

2350 IC
Burlok Damminson and Sven Hasslefriesan's "pressure vessel experiment" ends in an explosion and destroys the Engineers Guild hall in Karaz-a-karak.

2387 IC
Skaven sappers undermine the walls of Castle Siegfried in Sylvania. When Prince Karsten of Waldenhorf fails to pay them for this service, they carry off every child in his city.

2403 IC
The Necromancer Heinrich Kemmler enters in to a magikal duel with an ancient Liche beneath castle Vermisace and triumphs, destroying the Liche and slaying all his human acolytes. He is henceforth known as "The Lichemaster".

2420 IC
Bretonnian King Charlen I announces his intention to lead an army east in to The Border Princes' lands and beyond, thus renewing the Errantry Wars. Bretonnia wins a huge battle at Blood River, and Bretonnian settlers flood in to the Border Princes.

The Bretonnian bourgeoisie invest heavily in unregulated businesses and criminal enterprise in the towns that spring up and reap vast illicit profits from the ongoing Errantry Wars.

2422 IC
While many knights are away on Errantry War in the south, retaliatory attacks from Orcs ravage Carcasonne. The ruling class, finding their material resources and manpower severely depleted, are powerless to resist. Vast swathes of arable land is devastated causing widespread famine and lawlessness.

2425 IC
Jahrdrung 26: Katalin Grotekson is born in Karak Norn the largest and strongest Dwarf fortress in the Grey Mountains. When of age he takes his place among the Hold Guard and placates the vengeful shades of his ancestors with blood and courage in the Underdark. (26/2/2425)

2431 IC
The first great popular uprising in Bretonnian history. Centered on Carcasonne the rebellion draws support from several sources including well-to-do bourgeoisie and villeins as well as the numberless destitute.

Rebels in the city of Carcasonne force the surrender of the Tower of Carcasonne; the visiting King's Chancellor, Milon de Gehariet, and the treasurer, Sir Joscelin de Foqoult, both of whom are held responsible for the ongoing famine, are beheaded.

The King and his court make haste to Carcasonne, where with great presence of mind he appeals to the rebels personally as their sovereign in a passionate address and, after promising reforms, the ringleaders persuade the mob to disperse.

Ringleaders are rounded up and summarily executed.

King Charlen's promises are promptly forgotten, and discontent continues to find expression in local riots.

2439 IC
Charlen I of Bretonnia collapses in to a fever and dies aged 56. He is succeeded as King by his brother Charles I "l'Enorme".

2444 IC
Heinrich Kemmler's many rivals collude together to use their power against him. At Nuln he is defeated and driven west; at Helmgart he is for a while trapped and imprisoned. Escaping his captors he flees south into the lands of Bretonnia and the city of Quenelles. But his pursuers soon catch up with him. His body is broken and his mind blasted.

He wanders the Grey Mountains and Border Princes for decades as a half sane beggar. Kemmler's houses fall to ruin, his great libraries are plundered, his patrons turn to others for advice, and he is all but forgotten.

Goblin Warlord Grom the Paunch destroys many Dwarf tombs, mines, and small settlements before defeating a Dwarf army at the Battle of Iron Gate.

2473 IC
Belegar, descendent of Mad King Lunn, declares himself King of Karak Eight Peaks and sets up camp on the site of the old citadel. The Dwarfs descend in to the Keep but are vastly outnumbered and become trapped in a permanent subterranean siege with the Orcs.

Grom the Paunch and his army enter the Empire and advance on Nuln. Emperor Dieter IV flees the Imperial capitol in Nuln and establishes his court in Altdorf, where he displaces Count Wilhelm Holswig-Schliestein.

Nuln is sacked and burned to the ground.

2479 IC
Nachgeheim 9: Siegfried Lowenzahn is born the youngest and only fair haired child in a large brood of swarthy and suspicious peasant labourers. He grows to adulthood toiling in the sprawling vineyards of the Grand County of Stirland, before a chance encounter with a horse thief sets him on a different path. (9/7/2479)

Grom the Paunch eventually drives his army towards the sea, where he builds a great fleet and sets sail. They are never seen in the Old World again.

Emperor Dieter IV announces plans for the reconstruction of Nuln as a grandiose and beautiful metropolis. Nearly half of the city is demolished to create space for the Palace of Gold. To find the necessary funds for the reconstruction, suspected Wizards and wealthy foreigners are seized and upon their evidence an immense multitude are convicted of treason, witchcraft and consorting with Ruinous Powers. Mockery of every sort is added to their deaths, with many more doomed to the flames and burnt.

2481 IC
Erntzeit 20: Elizabetta Falkenheim is born in the bustling market town of Krudenwald in the shadow of the Drakwald, in the northern province of Hochland. She inherits the gift of the Wyrd from her mother's line. Fearful of bringing destruction upon her family she tearfully bids them good-bye and wanders far, far away. (20/8/2481)

2486 IC
Sommerzeit 14: Waldermar Rommel is born in Kreutzhoffen, thirty miles outside Nuln, the youngest son of tenant farmers. He grows in to a bandy-legged giant, a natural horseman, strong in the arm and thirsty for a life less ordinary. (14/5/2486)

2488 IC
The Bretonnian armies are shattered at the Battle of Death Pass by Warboss Morglum Necksnapper. Acceding to tremendous pressure from his vassals and plagued by increasingly frequent bouts of insanity, Charles I finally declares an end to the Errantry Wars.

2491 IC
Heinrich Kemmler slaughters the inhabitants of the Alpine settlement of Flugelhofen. At the mouth of the valley, nestled in the shadow of a great glaciar, Kemmler succeeds in locating the ancient burial mound of Krell, one of the Nine Lords of Nagash.

The Lichemaster strikes a pact with the Ruinous Powers to restore Kemmler's once prodigious abilities in return for spreading death and destruction in their name.

Kemmler and Krell sweep down at the head of an Undead army from the Grey Mountains in to Bretonnia.

Advancing in waves Kemmler and Krell's forces are caught in a three way battle over a potent warpstone artifact against hastily assembled Bretonnian militia and Clan Mors Skaven renegades. They are finally beaten back at La Maisontaal Abbey by Tancred Duke of Quenelles. The remnants retreat back in to the Grey Mountains.

2492 IC
Tzar Vladimir Bhoka is killed by Goblins east of Kislev. His son, Boris, inherits a bankrupt and backward nation that has done little to rebuild after the Second Great Chaos Incursion.

2493 IC
Geheimnistag: Franz von Tottenakker is born on Geheimnistag or "Mystery Day" and is marked by Morr God of Death, husband of Verena and father of Myrmidia and Shallya. He grows to adulthood in the town of Zurin, nestled within the vast central province of Talabecland.

Tzar Boris Bhoka defeats a large army of Beastmen outside Praag, earning the name Radii Bhoka (Bhoka The Red).

Battle of Anurell's Tomb. A Chaos Dwarf slaving expedition encounters a High Elf expeditionary force south of the Plain of Bones.

Magnus Kaufmann is born in Nuln to unknown parents.

2494 IC
Brauzeit 14: Dieter Wayrauch is born on the banks of the River Flaschgang at the base of the Middle Mountains near Koerin, in the wild northern province of Hochland. He plies his father's, father's trade as a fisherman, before being run out of the business.(14/9/2494)

2495 IC
Battle of the Cairns. Undead forces stirred up by the Lichemaster Heinrich Kemmler attack the realm of Athel Loren in an attempt to invade Bretonnia, but are destroyed by the Wood Elves. Kemmler escapes to the mountain range known as the Massif Orcal where he spends the next few years raiding the graveyards and barrows in the mountains.

2496 IC
Marienburg secedes from the Empire after the Burgomeisters collude with Emperor Dieter IV to secure their independence in return for Marienburger gold. Dieter von Krieglitz is deposed after the ensuing scandal and imprisoned in Altdorf. The reconstruction of Nuln is abandoned and the city is left in ruins for the citizens to haphazardly rebuild.

Organized crime flourishes in Nuln. Criminal gangs reap vast profits from trafficking in sub-standard materials and bonded labour.

Count Wilhelm Holswig-Schliestein takes the throne as Wilhelm III. The crown passes to the Elector Counts of Reikland. The disenfranchised von Krieglitz family withdraw to Talabheim.

A trio of rogue Magisters attached to the Tilean Embassy make off with a fine selection of treasure from Emperor Wilhelm III's collection. Wilhelm III orders mass public burnings of suspected Wizards and implicated Magisters in Altdorf following a series of sham trials on charges of witchcraft, consorting with Ruinous Powers and treason.

2497 IC
Radii Bhoka travels into the wilds with his war-bear Urskin. He becomes the first High Priest of Ursun in over 400 years, taking the title Boris Ursus.

2498 IC
The Battle of the Jaws. A Dwarf army heads south to reinforce Karak Eight Peaks. The leader, Duregar, first defeats the Orcs before being betrayed and slain during an ambush at the Battle of the East Gate.

Deposed Emperor Dieter von Krieglitz starves to death in captivity. Rumours that he is still alive persist but never gain much credence outside Altdorf.

2499 IC
Emperor Wilhelm III dies of pleurisy aged 59 in Altdorf.

2500 IC
Orc Warlord Gnashrak forms a massive WAAAGH! uniting all the Greenskin tribes of the World's Edge Mountains and leads the army along the Silver Road towards Karaz-A-Karak.

Charles I of Bretonnia dies aged 47 "meure en donnant naissance à dîner d'hier soir" in Couronne and is succeeded by his second son Charles II "de la Dure".

2501 IC
Charles II of Bretonnia dies aged 27, after a reign of just four months, following a hunting accident. He is killed by an arrow through the lung but the circumstances remain unclear.

His nephew Leon de Beau Geste is hastily crowned and renames himself Louen I "Leoncour". The young King takes immediate steps to re-establish the authority of the absolute monarchy and ruthlessly suppresses the bourgeoisie.

2502 IC
The syphilitic imebecile Count Karl Franz Holswig-Schliestein of Altdorf defeats the Elector of Middenland Boris Todbringer in the Imperial Election, thanks to the influence of the Count of Ostland Maximillian von Konigswald. He succeeds his father Wilhelm III as Emperor Karl Franz I.

Maximillian von Konigswald is elevated to the rank of Grand Prince of Ostland and appointed head of the Privy Council.

Heinrich von Krieglitz is elected to the office of Grand Duke of Talabheim.

2503 IC
Karak Azul is attacked by Orcs under Gorfang Rotgut, entering by a long forgotten tunnel. The King, Kazador, is captured in his throne room and many are dragged off to the Black Crag dungeons. Kariz, the King's son, is shaved and nailed to his father's throne.

Ostland is granted Electoral Power and Grand Prince Maximillian von Konigswald is named Elector of Ostland.

2505 IC
Tilean Condottieri sack the tombs of Zandri in Nehekahara.

2509 IC
Settra The Imperishable builds a great army to expand his realms in what is referred to as "The Great Purge".

2510 IC
The Orc Warlord Gnashrak is finally defeated by King Ungrim of Karak Kadrin at the Battle of Broken Leg Gulley.

The Grand Prince of Ostland is declared "Protector of the Empire" by Imperial Edict.

Nachhexen 4: Dieter Weyrauch, Franz von Tottenakker, Katalin Grotekson & Siegfried Lowenzahn embark on a riverboat passage to Nuln and become acquainted for the first time.

The Oldenhaller Contract

The Heroes enter Nuln together, gaining the employ of Albrecht Oldenhaller in a matter of some delicacy and much brutality.

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