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The fire burns warmly, but casts little light into Mentor's study. The flickering shadows only hint at the vast number of books and scrolls that fill the many shelves. Slowly Mentor walks over to the fire.

"Well, my friends, your training is complete. You are not yet true Heroes, you have yet to prove yourselves. But first, let me tell you of Morcar...

"Many centuries ago, Morcar was my apprentice. He worked hard and learned quickly. But impatience devoured him. He wanted to learn more powerful magic. I told him of the dangers, and that he should be patient, for in time he would become a great Sorcerer. But Morcar could not wait; each night he broke into my study and read my spell books. The secrets that were held within them were great indeed. Once he learned these secrets, Morcar fled.

"When I caught up with him, I found him greatly changed. He had pledged his allegiance to the Great Powers of Chaos. Fool! He saw magic only as a short-cut to power and paid no heed to the terrible price he would have to pay. I tried to reason with him, but to no avail. He laughed in my face and then unleashed a terrible spell which I was hard-pressed to counter. For many days we battled, but Morcar had allies stronger even than I, and I could not defeat him. In the end, as we both weakened, he fled and sought refuge in the Northern Chaos Wastes. There he licked his wounds and honed his skills, conjuring ancient powers with which to overthrow the Empire.

"I must watch Morcar and measure the strength of his magic. The powers he has called upon will destroy us all if I relax my vigil. Morcar's legions threatened us once before. Then it was Rogar who aided me and defeated them. Now they are on the march again; already they have assailed the Borderlands. The Empire must again look for Heroes and to this end have I trained you.

"Each of you must complete 14 Quests, If you do this, you will be acclaimed as Champions of the Realm and dubbed Imperial Knights. Only then will you be on the road to becoming true Heroes. I shall speak with you again on your return — if you return ..."

The US Version was a 'second edition' it would seem and is considerably harder. So we'll be using that rule set I think. It will make the game longer to play but w/e. I also have all the expansion packs so we've plenty to do.

The US Version of the Rules can be found here.

I'll be randomizing all the Quests to make it more of a challenge.

Only thing I need from you to get the game underway is the spell choices:

Wizard chooses 3 sets of spells first (9 cards), Elf takes the remaining set (3 spells). Choices are: Air, Fire, Earth, Water.



Fire of Wrath
This spell may be cast on any one monster, blasting it into flames. It will inflict 1 Body Point of damage, unless the monster can immediately roll a 5 or 6 using one red die.

This spell may be cast on any one Hero, including yourself. The next time that Hero attacks, he may roll 2 extra combat dice. The spell is broken when the Hero can no longer see a monster.

Ball of Flame
This spell may be cast on any one monster, enveloping it in a ball of fire. It will inflict 2 Body Points of damage. The Monster then rolls two red dice. Fore each 5 or 6 rolled the damage is reduced by 1 point.


Swift Wind
This spell may be cast on any one Hero, including yourself. Its powerful burst of energy enables that Hero to roll twice as many red dice as normal the next time he moves.

This spell creates a small whirlwind that envelops one monster of your choice. That monster will then miss its next turn.

This spell conjures up a Genie who will do one of the following: open any door revealing what lies beyond, OR use 5 combat dice to attack any monster within your line of sight.


Water of Healing
This spell may be cast on any one Hero, including yourself. Contact with this revitalizing water will restore up to 4 lost Body Points, but will not give a Hero more than his starting number.

This spell puts one monster into a deep sleep so it cannot move, attack, or defend itself. The spell can be broken at once or on a future turn by the monster rolling one red die for each of its Mind Points. If a 6 is rolled the spell is broken.. May not be used against Mummies, Zombies, or Skeletons.

Veil of Mist
This spell may be cast on any one Hero, including yourself. On the Hero's next move, he may move unseen through spaces that are occupied by monsters.


Heal Body
This spell may be cast on any one Hero, including yourself. Its magical power will immediately restore up to 4 lost Body Points, but does not give a hero more than his starting number.

Rock Skin
This spell may be cast on any one Hero, including yourself. The Hero may throw one extra combat die when defending. The spell is broken when the Hero suffers one point of Body damage.

Pass Through Rock
This spell may be cast on any one Hero, including yourself. That hero may then move through walls on his next move. He may move through as many walls as his dice roll allows. Caution! If a Hero ends his move in solid rock he is trapped forever!

Quick Reference:

For turns, post your replies to your character's sub-thread. You only need to post your movement (if any) and your actions.

Do not edit your moves once you have posted them. I will be getting an email with your OP anyway and will use that for your turn regardless of subsequent edits. So think about it before you post. :-P

Example post:



a16 > g12
via. b12, b45, c34, h65


Search for secret doors


You may perform any one of these actions either before or after you move.

an adjacent monster.

on yourself, another Hero or monster that you can "see".

in the room you're in.

in the room or corridor you're in.

in the room or corridor you're in.

on the square you're on.

Opening a door is a free action. Once a door is open it can't be closed again.
You will only see enemies in your line of sight. Once enemies are revealed they remain on the board regardless of line of sight.

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