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#1 Monday, 6th October 2014 15:43

From: Under your bed
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New site, new job, new car, new teeth ..

Hi chaps. The site move is now officially complete.
The old forum has been disabled with a forwarding address.

I still have a few minor things left to do (like mobile/tablet theme) but pbpgames.org is now open for business.

I designed (lol) the theme in Webkit e.g. Opera, Chrome, Safari etc. I avoid Mozilla based browsers nowdays because imho Arial looks utter gash for some reason. That said my TFT is knackered and the colour repro is horrific. I am too skint/tight to buy a decent LED backlit HD display with good colour. If it looks gash, let me know and I'll change stuff. ;) Especially readability!

It should look something like this!



I have emailed everyone their password (same usernames). If you have any issues you can request a new password and go through email recovery.

I have moved avatars over, but not profiles or signatures.

The next task will be to update the game! What's a year between friends, eh? :)

I am to nerds what nerds are to normal people.


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