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#1 Saturday, 22nd November 2014 01:16

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Recommend(ed) Single Malts?

Picked up a bottle of this last night and I'm still cumming my pants. Ardmore Traditional.

£26 in ASDA currently. If you like Islay but also like Speyside and ever wondered what a reasonably priced non-chill filtered 46%'er hybrid would taste like this is it. Obviously the floral stuff gets drowned in the peat but the peat is pretty exquisite tbh. It really opens up beautifully (and turns sweet) if you're not too posh to cube. I really love this on the rocks .. !

I should caveat this recommendation with the strong warning: this is peated. If you don't like peated whisky or never had it, it can be a shock at first. But wow what a lovely, lovely substance once you've sufficiently nuked your taste buds. ;) I was pretty repulsed at first - my first experience of Scotch was Laphroaig and it put me off for years. This is nowhere near that hard core. If you've ever had Teachers Highland Cream this bottling is basically that minus the nasty grain mank, finished in almost sherry sweet white oak.

I've had a few other decent ones this month: Auchentoshan Classic and Three Wood and Old Pulteney 12 all good drams. But the Ardmore is the cream of the crop. Lovely stuff!

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